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Saving Money with Car Window Tint

In today's society living on a budget is a necessity, but will saving money on car window tint be beneficial in the long run? We've seen window tint start to bubble or turn purple inside of a year, and sadly they found out that the handshake warranty was not upheld.

Cheap Window Tint New Bern

Yes just about every shop you call is going to say, "yeah it comes with a warranty". What does this warranty cover? Everything right? NO!!! How many times have you gone to the dealer with your so called bumper to bumper warranty, only to hear "sorry that part isn't covered"? You want to make sure that you are getting a Lifetime Color Stable warranty, which will ensure that the above picture does not happen to you.

At Hardison Window Tinting all of our films are backed by this warranty with documents to go along with it. Upon completion every customer gets a warranty card so there's no questions asked should the need ever arise.

New Bern Car Window Tint

"Ok I know it's a good quality film and he's 20 dollars cheaper". Unfortunately that's not the only thing you should be concerned about. How well does your installer protect your vehicle? Door panels and switches can cost up into the thousands if damaged. That's why we take every precaution possible to protect your vehicle during installation.

New Bern Car window tint

Lastly we have the quality of install, or lack thereof I should say. We take the extra time to ensure that every install is of the highest quality possible. Unfortunately some will rush the process leading to unnecessary bubbles, peeling, or light gaps.

Bubbles in tint

Let's get things done the right way the first time by choosing us for all your auto, home, or business window tinting needs!

Car window tinting New Bern, NC

We proudly serve New Bern, Havelock, Morehead, Atlantic Beach, Bayboro, Oriental, River Dunes, Kinston, Greenville, Jacksonville, Emerald Isle, Winterville, Goldsboro, James City, Newport, Sneads Ferry, Pollocksville, Maysville, Ocracoke, Outer Banks, and surrounding areas!

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