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How to Easily Remove Window Tint

It's not an uncommon thing for us to get a call that a vehicle will not pass inspection because the window tint is to dark. Here is a customer that had just that happen this past week.

NC window tint law

This film metered around 20% on the rear half of this Cadillac cts. Also as you can tell from the pictures the window tint was starting to turn purple as well. So we removed all of the old window tint and installed our NC legal carbon window tint that comes standard with a lifetime color stable warranty.

Bubbled Purple back glass

Two things are now certain, this customer will never have to worry if he will pass inspection because we meter all windows upon completion. Second he will never have to worry about his window tint turning purple!

So if you're wondering what's the easiest way to remove this film, the answer is simple. Leave it to the professionals! We've invested in the right tools and chemicals to make this process as least harmful to your vehicle as possible. Yes things can be damaged during the process without the right equipment. Windows can be scratched, door panels can be stained, and rear windows can be permanently damaged effecting your defroster and fm radio.

So give us a call today to schedule your vehicle and let the professionals handle it. 252-474-7931

Car window tint New Bern

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