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Which Service is Right For You?


At Hardison Window Tinting customer satisfaction is our top priority. With 12 years experience installing window film you’re certain to get a product and service like no one else. All of our films are backed by a lifetime warranty against any fading, peeling, bubbling, or color change. We also offer three different grades of film good, better, and best to meet most customer’s price point…



Adding window film to your business can have huge benefits for you and your customers. Commercial window tinting will add comfort to your customers, as well as your employees. This will be achieved by reducing heat, glare, and UV rays. One of the most common questions asked is, “will it help reduce cooling cost?” The answer is Yes!


Did you know you can tint your home windows? Do you have a pesky glare on your television? Have your hardwood floors or furniture started fading? Does it seem like your A/C unit is running all day but barely meeting set point? Let us come by and give you a free estimate and discuss film options.

Office Window tint Kinston NC
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