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Here you will find some of the frequently asked questions from previous customers!

1) Does the tint go on the inside? Yes, in all cases on automotive your window tint will be applied to the inside. Some residential and commercial applications are exterior, in most cases they are interior as well.

2) How long do I have to wait to roll my windows down? We suggest 24 to 48 hours only!

3) Are bubbles normal? Yes and No. You may notice when you pick your vehicle up the windows look like they have bubbles or are distorted. This is perfectly normal and just apart of the drying process. The windows will clear up and be completely dry within a week.

4) How long will it take? Most sedans only take between 2-3 hours to fully complete.

5) How dark can my windows be? NC legal limit on sedans is 32% on all side windows and back glass. Trucks, SUV's, Vans, or Buses have to be 32% on the front two roll down windows, but can be any percentage behind the driver seat.

6) Can I wash my vehicle afterwards? Yes, we only recommend not cleaning the inside for one week.

7) What can I clean my windows with? We recommend invisible glass or sprayway, sold at any Wal-Mart. 

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